CDN for your configuration files

The only place you'll ever need to store and manage your encrypted configuration files.

Too many configurations? We got you!

Hold them all in a single place and access them via an API call from your servers, or frankly, anywhere. Hassle-free.

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Finally, there's a home for config files!

All you need to store and manage your configuration files.

CDN for config files

Define as many applications and versions as you want. Access their config data through API calls or our clients.


Manage multiple versions & collaborate with your team.
Push changes to the servers as you make them (COMING SOON)

Scalable & Secure

sconfig is designed with your applications' security in mind and uses the most secure IaaS providers that can scale with your business.

Distributed authentication

sconfig uses UNLOQ technology to authenticate you and provide encryption keys.

Security certificates

sconfig uses valid RSA certificates and we constantly monitor our status with Qualys SSL Labs. Google Cloud is our secure & certified partner that help us protect your users and files.

Everything's encrypted

We encrypt your configuration files with your private key, and store them and additional pages encrypted with the key provided by UNLOQ. Your data never leaves your browser in plaintext.

Convenient & simple pricing.

FREE up to 5 applications. $5/month to lift the limitation.
Contact us for on-premise installation.

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